If you are eligible for Veterans Administration Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation or Chapter 33 Post 9/11 benefits, you may be able to defer a portion of your bill or have it paid directly. The USC Veterans Certification Office must first certify your enrollment.

Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation

When the USC Veterans Certification Office has certified your enrollment, it will email you information regarding your case and will send a copy to Agency Billing. Agency Billing will then defer the certified portion of your bill and invoice the Veterans Administration through your case manager or regional office. It is your responsibility to notify Agency Billing at agbill@usc.edu if your case manager changes. You are also responsible for any portion of the bill the V.A. does not pay.

Chapter 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill

The USC Veterans Certification Office will confirm your enrollment and send a request for funds directly to the Veterans Administration. Your student account will be credited upon receipt of payment from the V.A. If you applied for your benefits on time but a payment delay from the V.A. results in late fees or finance charges, please notify us at agbill@usc.edu once payment has been credited to your student account and we will waive the late fees and/or finance charges. This program does not qualify for a deferment.

A change of program or eligibility after funds have been requested may result in overpayment by the Veterans Administration. In such a case, the V.A. generally will request a refund directly from USC and the university will adjust the amount credited to your student account. If the change of program or eligibility occurs after classes start, the V.A. may request the refund directly from you. If so, please email a copy of the refund request letter to agbill@usc.edu to see if we are holding excess funds that can be used to repay the V.A. on your behalf.

Yellow Ribbon Matching Funds

Under the Yellow Ribbon Program, USC provides matching funds for Veterans Administration benefits. If your matching funds are not credited to your student account after your Yellow Ribbon V.A. payment is posted, contact your academic unit if you are a graduate student or USC Financial Aid if you are an undergraduate. Agency Billing does not process matching funds for Yellow Ribbon program participants.