529 Plans

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan to set aside funds toward future college expenses. The name comes from Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contact your plan administrator for instructions on accessing the funds in your plan.

Two types of 529 plans are available:

College Savings Plans

  • College savings plans generally allow you to access your funds as needed. Checks should follow the pay-by-mail instructions.

Prepaid Plans

  • Prepaid plans generally pay a specific amount per unit of enrollment, and may also pay a portion of your student housing.
  • You must notify us prior to the settlement deadline each term of your enrolled units so we can defer the appropriate portion of your bill.
  • USC currently bills the following agencies for prepaid tuition 529 plans:
    • Alabama PACT
    • College Illinois!
    • CollegeSavingsMPACT Mississippi
    • Florida Prepaid College Program
    • Kentucky’s Affordable Prepaid Tuition
    • MET Michigan Education Trust
    • Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program
    • Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan
    • Virginia College Savings Plan
  • If your plan requires that the university bill the plan directly, let the plan administrator know you are attending USC and provide the following contact information:

                  USC Agency Billing
                  1150 W. Jefferson Blvd., PSB 100
                  Los Angeles CA 90089-1052

                  Phone: 213-740-0427
                  Fax: 213-740-0835
                  Email: agbill@usc.edu

Regardless of the type of 529 plan, any charges not paid by the plan are the student’s responsibility and must be paid by the settlement deadline.