Tuition and fees may vary by program of study, location and the number of enrolled credit hours.

Commitment Deposit

Admitted students are required to pay a nonrefundable commitment deposit. These deposits will be credited to your student account after you register for classes.

If you have registered for classes and the credit does not appear on your account, or if you have a question regarding your commitment deposit:

New Student Fee

First-time students attending classes on the University Park, Health Sciences or Downtown Los Angeles campuses must pay a fee that supports various Welcome Week activities.

The fee is in addition to any fees for attending out-of-state or on-campus orientation sessions. For more information, contact the Office of Orientation.

Tuition and Fees

The USC Schedule of Classes details the tuition and fees for the current academic year.

Academic Department Fees

Academic departments may charge additional fees based on your degree program or registered courses. Visit the USC Schedule of Classes for more information.

Health Insurance

You are automatically enrolled in the USC Student Health Insurance Plan if you are:

  • a domestic student enrolled in six or more units
  • an international student enrolled in any number of units
  • a Health Sciences Campus student enrolled in any number of units

If you already have health insurance, you may be eligible to waive the USC plan. The Engemann Student Health Center maintains information on coverage and rates and how to waive coverage.

Student Health Fee (SHF)

In addition to health insurance, USC has required participation in the student health fee, the fee funds public health and preventative care for the student community, and underwrites the medical and mental health direct services. This fee cannot be waived.


The USC Housing website includes detailed information on fees assessed as well as how rent and utilities are billed.

Late Fees/Finance Charges

Any charges not paid by the settlement deadline will result in your account being past due. This includes any payment rejected by the bank for insufficient funds. Past-due accounts are subject to late fees, finance charges and holds, which could prevent you from registering for classes.

Late Registration Fee

If you register after the settlement deadline, you will be assessed a late registration fee.

Meal Plans

For information on options and costs or to change your USC meal plan, visit the USC Hospitality website.

Norman H. Topping Student Aid Fee

In 1970, USC students elected to assess themselves a mandatory fee each semester to support the Norman Topping Student Aid Fund, which provides scholarships for low-income students.

Overseas Travel

For special fees and insurance related to study-abroad and other overseas programs, contact your school or department.


Information on parking pass rates and settlement on citations is available at the USC Transportation Services website.

Returned Item Fee

A returned item fee of $25 is assessed for a check or electronic fund transfer returned by the bank for any reason, or if a bank cardholder disputes a card transaction.

Student Programming Fee

Undergraduates enrolled in six or more credit hours are assessed a student programming fee each semester. All graduate students, regardless of credit hours, pay a graduate student programming fee each semester.

Student Services Fee

Students attending classes on the University Park, Health Sciences or Downtown Los Angeles campuses are assessed a student services fee each semester. The current rates are listed in the Schedule of Classes.

Transportation Services Fee

The fee offsets costs of providing services including the Lyft program, USC buses to LAX during selected breaks, and complimentary LA Metro U-Pass. Will be charged to all students attending any classes in the Los Angeles area. For more information visit USC Transportation.

Tuition Refund Insurance

Students are automatically enrolled in Tuition Refund Insurance each term. The insurance refunds tuition and fees to a student who must withdraw from all classes due to illness or accidental injury. However, you may waive the coverage.


If you deposited discretionary funds to your USCard through your student account, a charge will appear on your bill.

USC Ticket Office

USC athletic ticket purchases may appear as expenses on your student account, through your USCard.