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Learn how to ensure a smooth transition as you graduate or leave the university.


1098-T Forms Now Available
1098-T tax forms are now available online at OASIS under the Financial Services menu.
Financial Aid Recipients
Federal and state financial aid will disburse no sooner than 10 days prior to the start of classes.
In preparation for the summer and fall term, you should clear any past due balance that prohibits registration before your registration appointment.  To review your student account, you and your approved guests can log in to
Escheat to State
Did you receive a billing statement notifying you of activity on your student account "Escheat to State?" Escheat to state is a result of a credit balance due to you that remained unclaimed on your student account for a period of time.

Direct Deposit Refunds

Don’t wait! Sign up for direct deposit refunds through You will automatically receive a refund if you have a credit balance on your student account. Please check our refund page for eligibility.

Understanding your bill

Learn how to review and manage your bill to stay on track, and avoid late fees and finance charges.