If you are sponsored by a company or governmental agency — including the U.S. Veterans Administration — or if you participate in a 529 plan that requires invoicing from USC, you may be eligible to have all or a portion of your bills invoiced directly to the sponsoring agency.

Check the list of approved agencies to see if your sponsor is already approved. If your agency is not on the list, it must apply to be a sponsoring agency.


Your agency may provide us with authorizations each term. Some may provide you with a voucher or letter of authorization that you must email to agbill@usc.edu before the settlement deadline. Be sure to include your 10-digit USC identification number in your email. If you are an international student and have submitted a letter of support for immigration purposes, you must still provide your authorization to Agency Billing.

When we process your authorization, we will credit your student account with a deferment and notify you via email.

Charges Covered

Charges paid by sponsoring agencies vary. Some pay for tuition and mandatory fees only, while others also pay such expenses as housing and dining. Most agencies do not pay for health insurance, tuition refund insurance, parking or similar fees. Review common fees for more information.

It is your responsibility to pay any amount not deferred by the settlement deadline and to continue to monitor your student account for changes. It is also your responsibility to waive any optional charges (such as health insurance and tuition refund insurance) your agency may not pay if you do not wish to pay them yourself.

Until your agency pays the invoiced amount, we will notify you periodically about the remaining balance. If your agency does not pay the entire amount deferred, any remaining deferment will be canceled and charged to your student account.

Employer Reimbursement

Some employers provide tuition reimbursement at the end of each term rather than paying for tuition upfront. Employer reimbursement is not eligible for agency billing. For information on how to defer up to 90% of your tuition payment until the end of term in such cases, see employer reimbursement.