Prepayment allows admitted students in flat fee programs to prepay two to five years of full-time tuition and fees (regardless of any scholarships and grants), locking in future tuition at current rates. If you are considering withdrawing funds from a 529 plan, please contact your tax adviser about possible tax implications. Prepayments will be credited to your account each term, and any unused funds after you graduate or leave USC may be refunded.


  • You must be admitted to USC.
  • A minimum payment of two years of tuition and mandatory fees is required.
  • Complete a prepayment inquiry form.

Once you have completed the inquiry form, a Prepayment Agreement will be emailed to you for your review and signature. Your signed agreement must be received, along with prepayment, by the settlement deadline for the first term to be covered under the agreement.


To request a prepayment refund, contact USC Student Financial Services at or 213-740-4077.