Wire Transfer

USC has partnered with Flywire for international payments and Western Union Business Solutions to streamline the tuition payment process for our students who need to wire funds to the university. USC does not charge you for using the Flywire or Western Union options, however your local bank may charge fees to initiate a transfer on your behalf.

Plan ahead and wire your payment far enough in advance to ensure that it reaches USC before the settlement deadline. Wired funds transactions can take 2-5 business days to complete after your local bank initiates payment to Western Union or Flywire.

Tip: Only wire the funds needed to pay for your tuition and university fees. Do not send funding for any expenses to be paid to a non-university entity, such as a private landlord.

Domestic Payments
Both Flywire and Western Union accept domestic wire payments.

International Payments (foreign bank transfer, foreign credit card, e-wallet)
International students will save on exchange rates, and in most cases can pay in their local currencies. We encourage you to explore both wire payment options.

Paying by Wire Transfer
To pay by wire transfer, go to USCe.pay and follow these steps:

  • Select “Make Payment”
  • Select “Tuition and Fees”
  • Verify the amount you wish to pay and click on “Add to Payment Queue”
  • Select “Checkout”

Select “International and Domestic Wire Transfer with Western Union” or “International Payments with Flywire” as your payment method.

  • If you select “International and Domestic Wire Transfer with Western Union”
    • Select [Continue Checkout]
    • Follow the instructions to generate a wire transfer request form. You must take this to your bank within 72 hours or you must generate a new request form. Payments will be credited to your student account once the funds are received by USC’s bank.
  • If you select “International Payments with Flywire”, you will be redirected to the Flywire site, customized for USC students.
    • Follow the instructions on this site and complete your payment to Flywire within two business days. Payments will be credited to your student account once the funds are received by USC’s bank.


If your account has been overpaid by wire transfer, either the university will return the entire amount of the wire transfer to the originating bank or you may leave the excess funds in your account to be used for future charges. Partial refunds are not allowed.